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I'm really angry about my recent experience at the HANLEY-STOKE branch as they damaged my vehicle and I now have to pay an additional £150-£250 at a main dealer to have the damaged repaired!

I took my vehicle to this branch for new front pads and new front tyres (fitted by Afsar Ali) but as soon as I left the branch I noticed the service light flickering on and off. I had an urgent job to get to that day so I couldn't go back straight away and I then didn't use the vehicle again for another 5 days. The next time I drove the vehicle the service light started flickering again and I also noticed that the brakes were squealing quite badly too so I contacted the manager who advised that brake noise is common with new pads and I should drive the vehicle and allow time for the pads to settle in. The noise got worse and worse over the next few weeks and the flickering service light became permanent with a "check brake wear" alert on the dash panel so I took the vehicle back for another inspection as soon as Xmas/New year was over. I was then told (and shown) that the ABS brake sensor wire had been torn out of the brake sensor socket but nobody at the branch could fix it and they couldn't get the parts either. When I asked how this could've happened I was given a series of ridiculous answers from the duty manager (afsar Ali) because he didn't want to admit that it was him or one of the other mechanics that caused the damage when they changed the pads a few weeks earlier. The wire wasn't torn out when the vehicle was first taken into the branch as they would've noticed it and mentioned it if it was, and the "flickering service light" and "brake warning" issues only started immediately after the pads were changed so it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the damage was caused by the mechanic that performed the work. There's no way that I can prove the damage was caused in the branch but they know it as well as I do. Thanks for giving me a great start to 2018 afsar Ali. Shame you're not man enough to admit your mistakes and I hope karma catches up with you one day!

Steve.   05-01-18